An award show becomes a projection mapped playground

At the Spike Scream Awards a giant screen emerged from a lake with a projection mapped image of Dinklage’s head as he proudly accepted an award. Just one example of how Stimulated-Inc. makes crazy ideas even crazier.

Special Thanks to Stufish. Ray Winkler. Ric Lipson.

A tv show becomes a synchronized reality performance

Robb Wagner directed the filming of Paula Abdul’s ‘Dream Medley’ performance for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (Macy’s), in perfect synergy with LED media and projected animations, which Stimulated-Inc. designed. Robb filmed Abdul recreating her career as a leading innovator of music videos, projecting the filmed imagery in sync with animation. Abdul’s live performance magnified her talents in a brand new interactive form, on a live television broadcast. Robb used Virtual Cast Extension™ technology to create a first-of-its-kind broadcast experience for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

Technically and visually amazing!

Completely jaw-droppingly nuts, made even more so by the fact that it was pulled off on live television.

A visual masterpiece.

“@stimulatedinc Robb Wagner is the genius who helped make Dream Medley a reality.”
– Paula Abdul

TV performances become interactive multimedia music experiences

The “2005 MTV Video Music Awards,” honoring the best in music video, rolled into Miami at the American Airlines Arena. Hosted by Diddy, the 22nd annual awards show was jam packed with more music and more celebrities than ever before. Water played a spectacular role in this year’s show, omnipresent during performances and presenter moments throughout the evening. Diddy in a poignant moment, honored the late Notorious B.I.G. Diddy conducted a full orchestra as Snoop Dogg joined in this tribute to the famed rapper.