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Fundraise with Refill90

Earn money while ‘Protecting The Pitch’ from single-use plastic pollution.

How it works…
  • Schedule a call with us to get your own custom discount code
  • We’ll design and send you a digital flyer with your name and code on it
  • Post the flyer on your social media and share it with your friends
  • They get a 10% discount at our store
  • You earn 15% of every sale
  • Every sale helps us bring Free Water activations to tournaments

Sample digital flyer

Get your discount code and start fundraising today. Schedule a call with Pam Wagner using the link below.

Schedule a call with Pam

See our ‘Free Water’ Hydration Experience

“For over 20 years Surf Cup has been a national leader in premium youth soccer tournaments. Being a leader today includes helping our athletes and families protect our Earth and our outdoor playground.  It is no longer acceptable for our events to be filled with empty plastic bottles and cups. Refill90 is leading the way in the plastic-free hydration movement and we are proud to partner with them, on all of our events, to help achieve that goal.”