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Protect The Pitch

Let’s be real, we have a plastic problem. We produce too many plastic bottles and we do not recycle nearly enough of them.

Plastic pollution harms our friends, our environments, and our planet- so we think it’s time to do something about it.

Refill 90 is bringing hope and hydration to major soccer events. We offer free water and ice to soccer players, coaches, parents and fans. All you need is a refillable bottle!

We share our goals, stickers and merch to leave a positive impact on those who interact with us. We let them know that their efforts are helping reduce plastic waste in our world. We are inclusive, caring and above all—hopeful!

“For over 20 years Surf Cup has been a national leader in premium youth soccer tournaments. Being a leader today includes helping our athletes and families protect our Earth and our outdoor playground.  It is no longer acceptable for our events to be filled with empty plastic bottles and cups. Refill90 is leading the way in the plastic-free hydration movement and we are proud to partner with them, on all of our events, to help achieve that goal.”

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