Phoenix Cup

Protect The Pitch

And Our Planet From Single-Use Plastic Pollution

Bring your refillable bottles to the Phoenix Cup and let us keep them filled with Free Water and ice all tournament long!

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Keep Water Free

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Joining Refill90 is the best way to keep water free and curb single-use plastic pollution — plus — you’ll get member benefits like access to exclusive merch drops and giveaways.

Pitch Guardian Membership

Comes with a free, member-only sticker pack.


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Pitch Protector Membership

Comes with the free sticker pack plus a member-only practice bottle.


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Pitch Patron Membership

Gives a refillable water bottle to a young soccer player in need.


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Why We Need Member Support…

It’s simple. Memberships allow Refill90 to exist.

If every Phoenix Cup player, family member and attendee supports us, we can score our goals of Protecting The Pitch and Keeping Water Free.

Not to mention — saving the turtles.

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Do you have questions? Talk to us.

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Purchase a membership and a stainless refillable bottle together to save 25% on your bottle purchase.


We will also have refillable bottles available for purchase at the tournament.

“For over 20 years Surf Cup has been a national leader in premium youth soccer tournaments. Being a leader today includes helping our athletes and families protect our Earth and our outdoor playground.  It is no longer acceptable for our events to be filled with empty plastic bottles and cups. Refill90 is leading the way in the plastic-free hydration movement and we are proud to partner with them, on all of our events, to help achieve that goal.”

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