Recycling isn’t working.

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As club soccer parents, Pam and Robb Wagner saw thousands of people leave behind a sea of plastic pollution every weekend. Then, Robb learned that recycling isn’t working and he decided to take action. Firstly, he asked Pam to partner on a new project to curb single-use plastic pollution. Secondly, they took a tent to a tournament and offered free ice and water to anyone with a refillable bottle. And, Refill90 was born.

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Subsequently, Pam called on her board experience at Hollywood FC Soccer Club to grow a community of youth soccer organizations. Further, Robb’s creative agency Stimulated-Inc. (El Segundo, CA) developed Refill90 into an action-sports brand that embodied the SoCal skate & surf lifestyle.

As a result, Refill90 overtook the SoCal youth soccer scene, becoming the trusted hydration brand for tens of thousands of players, officials, and their families. Moreover, Refill90 made an impact by transforming sustainability into a fun and engaging experience that people want to be part of.

plastic-free soccer

Meanwhile, out-of-state visitors returned home sporting Refill90 t-shirts and stickers. After that, demand for Refill90 grew nationwide. For instance, national events like the NCAA’s Sweet-16 wanted to get into the game.

Similarly, brands like NBC’s Sports Engine and the San Diego Zoo noticed the way Refill90 engaged with people, in a more personal and meaningful way.

Likewise, municipalities such as Oceanside, CA saw Refill90 as a way to help curb plastic pollution city-wide. Then Covid-19 happened.

Now, we’re gearing up for summer 2021 with a renewed focus and refreshed plans to help municipalities and events to curb plastic consumption and to reduce pollution.

If you’re interested in curbing plastic consumption and reducing pollution in your municipality or at your event, contact us to learn more.

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