Why it matters:

91 out of 100 plastic bottles are not recycled. They pollute our environment, harm our health and threaten our planet. We need to change our behaviors and we need to change them soon.

What we do:

We curb plastic pollution by providing FREE drinking water and ice to all who bring a refillable bottle to major soccer events. We are using education, community, and fun to raise awareness about the plastic problem on Earth and encourage refillable bottle use. We work to reduce the amount of plastic bottles on the pitch and help the soccer community move closer to being plastic free. We are inclusive, caring and above all—hopeful!

The role of soccer in the environment:

We all have something in common—a love for the beautiful game. In order to appreciate our sport, we have to take care of the planet that allows us to play in the first place. Earth is many things to us. It is the planet that grows the grass that sprawls out over the soccer pitch. It’s the planet that holds all of the the water that our bodies need to replenish themselves. It’s the planet that provides the nutrition we need to be healthy and strong. Without the planet Earth, there is no soccer. Respecting Earth is respecting soccer and the beautiful community that surrounds it.

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