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Plastic pollution is a blight in our cities and landscapes and is harming our rivers and oceans. Simply put, too much plastic waste is generated and municipalities can’t afford to manage it.

The time has come to move beyond relying on volunteers to lead community cleanups after the pollution has occurred. The smart, sustainable strategy is to look at the root of the problem and stop it before it starts.

Refill90 makes it easy for people to use fewer disposable bottles. We work with your municipality to identify pollution hot spots such as crowded beaches or events. Then, we work with event organizers to activate at the hot spot, using social media to promote our free ice and water for anyone with a refillable bottle. Further, we collaborate with corporate partners and engage with citizens and visitors one-on-one, to inspire changed behavior. Above all, we create a fun experience that people want to be part of, while we reduce plastic consumption & pollution.

It’s time to make community cleanup days a relic of the past and celebrate clean cities every day instead.

If you’re interested in curbing plastic consumption and reducing plastic pollution in your municipality, contact us to learn more.

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