Position your name proudly alongside Refill90 as we build community, trust and lasting connections.

Choose the program(s) that work best for you.

Fundraiser Program
  • Sell eco-friendly refillable water bottles instead of chocolate, gift wrap or cookie dough.
  • Get a sharable digital flyer with your name and a 10% custom discount code for our store.
  • Share the digital flyer with your friends and family and earn 15% for every bottle purchased with your code.
  • The funds you earn can benefit your team, club, league, org or any charity you choose.
Discount Program
  • Get a custom digital flyer with a code for people in your organization to save 25% at our online store.
  • Every purchase helps us bring Free Water activations to tournaments.
Kit Program
  • Get top-quality refillable bottles for your team, club or league at savings.
  • Show young athletes and their families that you care about their health and our planet.
Sticker Program
  • Get custom-designed co-branded stickers that make bottles, phones, pads and laptops unique.
  • Stickers are king when it comes to young people showing the world what they stand for.
Education Program
  • Get digital assets and content to post and inform people in your organization about plastic.
  • Share the little-known facts that people need to know about but are not told.
Custom Program
  • Work with us on a program just for you.

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Refill90 Co-Founder, Pam Wagner

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Our 7-point partnership plan…

  1. Align — Confirm our common goals of a healthier planet for young people to inherit.
  2. Announce — Our partnership to your organization and the world.
  3. Educate — People about the environmental facts they need to know.
  4. Equip — Everyone in your organization with a refillable bottle.
  5. Empower — Young people to feel like they can make a difference in the world.
  6. Inspire — Players and families with a fun and engaging experience.
  7. Grow — A community built on trust and genuine connectedness.

We also partner with organizations that empower underserved young soccer players.

See Our ‘Free Water’ Activations

Partner Testimonial

“For over 20 years Surf Cup has been a national leader in premium youth soccer tournaments. Being a leader today includes helping our athletes and families protect our Earth and our outdoor playground.  It is no longer acceptable for our events to be filled with empty plastic bottles and cups. Refill90 is leading the way in the plastic-free hydration movement and we are proud to partner with them, on all of our events, to help achieve that goal.”